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The Finest Seafood Distributor Serving all of Tasmania 

Petuna Seafoods harvests and sells high quality seafood products, sourced locally from our Tasmania aquaculture farms. Our local hatcheries ensure that our Petuna Ocean Trout™ and Petuna Atlantic Salmon™ taste delicious. 

Through our complex and highly sustainable aquaculture system of breeding and harvesting, we can handpick the best broodstock possible. Our salmon and trout are bred and maintained in a flow-through system, which provides a unique set of nutrients that gives them their exquisite flavour.

Gift Hampers, Devonport, TAS

Petuna Atlantic Salmon™

The Petuna Atlantic Salmon™ is a delicious option to bring home for dinner or serve at your restaurant. The rich and mild flavour is a customer favourite and has been for some time. 

Not only is our Petuna Atlantic Salmon™ delicious, it is also rich in essential fatty acids and versatile for different cooking styles. Ideal for barbequing, baking, poaching or even serving raw as sashimi, this product is delicious in all forms. Call us to place an order or stop in to browse our various cuts. 

  • Hot Smoked Petuna Atlantic Salmon™
  • Smoked Petuna Atlantic Salmon™

Petuna Ocean Trout™: The Wagyu of the Sea

The Petuna Ocean Trout™ has a unique flavour; it’s been used in countless restaurants and homes throughout Australia. If you are looking for pure flavour and delicious marbling, this is the product for you. Each piece of Petuna Ocean Trout™ is perfectly coloured and the flavour says even more. Its creamy and succulent texture melts in your mouth with every bite. Call us today to place your order or stop in to browse our several cuts. 

  • Hot Smoked Petuna Ocean Trout™
  • Smoked Petuna Ocean Trout™

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